About Workhorse

Who is workhorse laboratories?

Luke HassellWhether it was a desire for a more creative version of “engineering”, or a series of little accidents, Luke Hassell has found himself in the absolutely perfect profession for his passion. Finding the needle in the haystack is not intimidating, in fact it is his specialty. In an almost 20 year career in various areas of background computing, Luke has honed his skills and niches, while still adapting to changing times and needs. When once, the concern was computing needs on an individual basis, the focus turns more and more to flexibility, adaptability, accessibility, 24/7/365. Oh – and at a fraction of the speed and cost of the previous year, each year.


Where is workhorse laboratories?

Austin, Texas, home of mavericks, hippies, brainiacs, foodies, musicians, techies and bats, is the home-base time zone for Workhorse. But our expertise means that we can easily be in your time zone, and all the others, anytime you need us.