So here we go again. Lee Sedol is losing to Google’s AlphaGo. Man vs. machine. Jeopardy, chess, and now Go. The Internet is flooded with stories regarding the advancement of artificial intelligence based on this match. I will admit that it must be very complicated to write a program that can compete against the top tier player of a game such as Go. Is it intelligence?

This can be answered with a simple question. Can AlphaGo or Watson or whatever, create a game such as Go, Jeopardy, or chess? Until we reach that point, this AI we’re talking about is simply clever computer programming. That is all. Fluff, bragging rights, name it what you will. Will it have benefits in the future? Unequivocally yes. Is it intelligence? No.

To see how fallen human heroes opine on their loss, check this out:

Gary Kasparov:

Ken Jennings:

(and TBD, Lee Sedol’s thoughts).

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