Author: luke

  • Requiem for CentOS, Hello Debian

    “Software developed by non-profit organizations tend to have the best quality and (therefore) longevity.” CentOS 7 support ends June 30th, 2024. Apparently, the CentOS team will end support for CentOS 8 on December 31st, 2021, two and one half years prior to CentOS 7. CentOS is a re-compile of RedHat Enterprise Linux. This is allowed […]

  • Xservers, EDID, and Flaky Hardware

    Yep, it happens. Sometimes a clone decides to go wonky. Imagine a scenario where one of forty fails to initialize graphics, when all forty have the same hardware, and boot from literally the same operating system. What to do? Upon examining the Xorg.0.log file in /var/messages, the offending machine noted that since it could not […]