Buffet of the Juniper Berries

As any Austinite will tell you, January is the month for cedar fever. If you have cedar trees in your yard, then you can count on vast amounts of pollen in your life. The other night I was walking my dog with a flashlight, and could see the pollen just floating in the air against the dark. With the drought, there is no need to wash the pollen off your car, just get a leaf blower – it works just fine.

Here are our culprits:

Responsible for the Billion Dollar Allergy Business!

Today, with the juniper berries are loaded on the trees, thousands of robins have moved in to eat. It sounds like a party with all of the bird songs and fussing going on.

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I blew off my driveway, only to find it in the same condition an hour later! Seeing the robins eat so many berries at once, it is no wonder the cedar tree is considered invasive (or highly successful). I hope the robins get fat and satisfied, wiping out my Juniper crop. Ground up juniper berries have a way of making it into your house. They never get off of your shoes. Only a good rain gets them off of your driveway. Fat chance in Central Texas!

UPDATE 2012-01-23 – All the berries (and birds) are gone. 24 hours. Wow!

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