CentOS 6.0

RedHat released their 6.0 version of Enterprise Linux back in November.  At this moment, the CentOS re-compile is being pushed to mirrors on the Internet.  The release was announced moments ago.

The wait has been rough. Many people on the mailing lists have complained about the long time from RedHat’s release to the version from CentOS. However, it must be noted that once the CentOS team releases their version, you can expect high quality in both the operating system itself and the support process thereafter. Congratulations to the CentOS team.

So why am I eager for this release? Virtualization and more virtualization. RHEL 6 (and therefore CentOS 6) has major advances in virtualization. Xen is dropped, and KVM is brought to the forefront. I have been a compile from source guy since KVM was authored by Qumranet. Recently I have looked at the virt-manager product included with RHEL 6, and am very impressed. RedHat is in a very strong position with its virtualization strategy, mainly because it understands Linux and the GPL.

My expectation is that many companies will offer wonderful online services due to the fact that they run CentOS 6 as a KVM hypervisor.

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