Citrix XenApp .ica Options

I had a need recently to create a simple .ica file so people could open it and enjoy a proper desktop. The problem is is that I am old school Citrix (pre XenSource acquisition, and therefore not accustomed to the new marketing jargon).

Via a local .ica file, the issue was that the XenApp client would only start a desktop at 640×480. With laptops running 1920×1080 these days, it was minute! So the question was, what option in the .ica file can enlarge the screen. Pre-XenSource, it was UseFullScreen=yes. This had no effect.

Searching their Knowledge Base turned up nothing (at least from my impatient perspective).

What to do? Well, why not brute force it? I copied the wfica32.exe from the Windows environment to Linux. Then, I:

$ strings wfica32.exe | grep UseFullScreen

Wow! Nothing. I guess the option is gone, which makes sense since it has no effect. Moving on, I wonder if there is anything with Screen:

$ strings wfica32.exe | grep Screen

It appears that there are a lot of options. I tried setting FullScreenOnly to true or yes – no luck. I tried setting ScreenPercent to 100 – voila!

The point here is that the Unix command strings can provide options that are not documented well.

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