Cut/Paste with AutoCutSel

Recently, I have moved from supporting CentOS 5.7 in Amazon’s EC2 to CentOS 6.6. At the same time, VNC clients have moved from running on Windows 7 to Windows 10. A question came up, why does copy and paste not work any more?

It’s true. After these changes, there is no copy/paste from the VNC client’s system to the VNC server.

Quick rundown: the client runs the TightVNC client 2.7.10 on Windows 10. The server runs the Xvfb on CentOS 6.6, using x11vnc 0.9.13 to connect.

The answer turns out to be simple. Normally I attribute the solution to a web page that offers it, but unfortunately this time, I seem to have lost the URL. Sorry, person, who so graciously posted the comments about autocutsel!

If you compile and install the program “autocutsel”, then things become sane again. Adding to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications, an application for “autocutsel” with the option of “-fork” solved this problem. In GNOME, this adds the file $HOME/.config/autostart/autocutsel.desktop, which will launch when the Xvfb is initiated as the user owning the Xvfb/x11vnc desktop.


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