Enciphering Images

Has it ever bothered you that when you use social networking or cloud based services that the data you transmit across their network is effectively the property of that company? Well, it does for me. Every time I see photos of friends and family, I think, wow, that is now the property of the company. They can use it in whatever way they see fit. Forever. Ever think about what happens if that company gets bought? You can choose to convey your copyrights, or you can choose otherwise.

Can anything be done? Yes, and I posed this question here. This is the first step in what could develop into exciting, easy to use technology. For example, here is a photo I would like to upload:

Red, PNG Format

Now, if I encipher the file it will look like:

Red - Enciphered, PNG Format

Now we have something that really makes no sense, and this is good. I don’t mind conveying this copyright at all. What I won’t convey is the the right to decrypt it. Thanks to the DMCA, it is illegal to circumvent encryption of copyrighted works. Using technology such as this, I can select which friends can see an enciphered image.

So the questions are can this be seamless and what can derail it? The technology to make it seamless does not yet exist. It is conceivable to have a decode plugin on your web browser that deciphers all permissible enciphered images. The latter question is probably the most problematic. If an enciphered image is re-sized or converted to a different format, then it will be impossible to decipher it.

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