First LibreOffice Release

Yesterday a wonderful thing happened – this first release of LibreOffice, version 3.3.0. This is a fork of the OpenOffice.Org project, which was recently acquired by Oracle from Sun. The LibreOffice code is released under the GPL version 3 software license. This is a big day for those who believe in free and unfettered access to…THEIR OWN INFORMATION! OpenOffice.Org at one point held this promise. With Oracle acquiring the rights to OpenOffice.Org, there is now (sadly) doubt about its viability in the continuation of this promise. The release of LibreOffice shows that the Free Software process works, and works well. We now have a project, supported by what will be millions of people, that will live in perpetuity. Thank you GPL. Congratulations to the Document Foundation!

UPDATE, 20110128: I can’t help but feel wonderfully about this release. I have moved from using OpenOffice with trust, to using LibreOffice with certainty. That, my friends, is something beautiful.

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