Large, yet Small and Inexpensive

With the end of the year upon us, it is time to see what goodies there are give to friends and family. In looking at technology, it appears SanDisk has a 128GB micro-SD card for $110. SanDisk is able to accomplish this feat using a 19nm manufacturing process.

It really is amazing to see so much produced on so little silicon. As EDA zeros in on the possibility of sub-nanometer circuitry, the industry is also started producing chips with FinFet, moving away from planer chips. Every year, the question is, how can it get better? Well, it’s my guess that we will not see the mass results of these advances for a year or two. When they are here, though, today will seem like the good old days of being off the grid. Small, perhaps unnoticed IP enabled devices will be pervasive in all aspects of our lives.

This opens many doors, some of them we wish we could keep closed. Just ask Sony. There will be an overwhelming flood of technology, and it will be the tiny little consumer that is washed out to sea, naked, alone, and scared. Not to stray too far from the benefits, but we should warn our friends and families about the consequences of ignoring the obvious.

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