Linux Serves Up Apple Time Machine

Upon the most undignified death of our Macbook Pro 2.2, we have since acquired a new Macbook, running Lion. Not surprisingly, my Linux based AFP server needed an update.


Netatalk 2.2.1, from
Berkeley DB 4.8.30, from

After installing the code, I took the netatalk-2.2.1/distrib/initscripts/rc.atalk.redhat-sysv.tmpl file and used that to install netatalk at boot time.

My AppleVolumes.default file contains these lines:

:DEFAULT: options:upriv,usedots
/data/backups Backups allow:me,root options:usedots,upriv,tm

Make sure you have a /etc/pam.d/netatalk file:

auth       required
account    required
#password   required
#password   required use_authtok
session    required

Using Finder, I can Go -> Connect to Server, and put in afp://server. You will need to authenticate to the server. This brings up a dialog that presents a selection of “Backups”. Going to System Preferences -> Time Machine, you can now select Backups as a backup disk. Time machine will create a sparsebundle file for you, and you are finished! I might suggest you wire up your Apple to the network for the first backup.


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