P2P, Limewire, and Linux

CentOS 5.6 was released the other day.  There is no better way to download a new release of Linux than through a P2P network.  I know LimeWire was under a cease and desist order for distributing their software, but I have a working copy and it does not crash as much as FrostWire.  When I started it up, this surprised me a little bit:

I find it interesting that the court order says you can’t use Limewire software to download or upload copyrighted works in any manner.  I hate to be nit picky here, but unless a copyright has expired, all works have copyrights – even if the copyright has been conveyed to all.  All GPL code is licensed for the purpose of sharing, yet it is still copyrighted.  The question is, am I breaking the law here by using LimeWire?

Here is the injunction (and an award should go out for the least quality PDF here):


While using P2P software to consume copyrighted works without payment is illegal, using P2P for legally permissible uses may be collateral damage.

Folks, this is real simple.  If you want a song, movie, or software program that is commercially available, and you are unwilling to pay for it, then perhaps it is not that good in the first place.

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