Raspberry Pi

Slashdot.org recently posted an article about a computer costing $25. If you go to rasperrypi.org and check out the pictures, this system is impressive given its size.

What is noteworthy is the cost, size, and power of this device.  While the Raspberry Pi Foundation may or may not sell many of these devices, it is clear that a trend has started.  Over time, these devices will become less expensive and more pervasive.

In the video, the gentleman notes that this computer can be given to those kids that don’t have computers or mobile phones at home.  Also, there is also some discussion about how ICT (Information and Communications Technology) courses in schools have transitioned from computer science to simply being able to write e-mail, and use Powerpoint and Excel.  Nudging its owners to use open source software will make many computer science assets instantly available.  Nice job!

More on the Raspberry Pi can be found here.



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