STEM Remorse

It appears that CEOs and politicians are worried about America’s lack of scientists and engineers coming out of our schools. I find it amusing that people who lack a STEM background often talk about the need for more science based graduates. This, while NASA has only one manned space flight mission left – what message does that send? I have already met someone who moved from Brevard County, FL, to Austin to get ahead of the impending layoffs.

Here is a recent town hall meeting that addresses STEM at 46:07:


Here is what was said at the 2011 CEO Summit in Austin:

Get this picture yet? Well, click on the image below to see the naked truth of the matter. If non-science people want to fix what is wrong with STEM in education, then these issues must be addressed:

Science as a Career Choice

Science as a Career Choice

If you read to the conclusion, you’ll see a quote attributed to Albert Einstein:

    “Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one’s living at it.”

Well stated.

Here is the horror of it all. If our scientists and engineers no longer want to invent the stuff, then no one can sell and market the stuff. No one can advertise the stuff. Investment houses can no longer invest in companies making the stuff since there are no companies making stuff. Lawyers cannot protect or sue people making the stuff. Banks get less money from the makers of the stuff. Less software is made or invented that aids in building the stuff. Less tax revenue results from less stuff in the market. There is no buying of stuff because there is less money to buy stuff. Government has to support the people that formerly made stuff. Economic collapse.

So how can this be fixed? It can, and easily, but with a warning. Scientists and engineers must get a business or law background in tandem with a STEM degree. This will allow them the freedom they need to be as creative as they want, while being integral to the structure of the business (if not being the owner of it). The warning is this: educate scientists and engineers in this manner, and many people that dine off of their labors may suddenly go hungry.

Parents of STEM students: do not neglect business education of your children. It is more important than STEM itself.

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