The Drought

Luckily for my family, we had the chance to go North to escape this brutal Texas summer. There, we enjoyed highs in the mid-80s, and lows in the lower 60s. It rained gently, and Green Bay’s water was cool.

Returning to Texas, we visited some family in Arkansas and were hit by a glorious thunderstorm, with lightning and thunder that makes you jump out of bed. It continued through the next day, so I captured some of the thunderstorm in a disposable container:

Thunderstorm in a Ziploc

Nice.  Thunderstorm in a box. I know it seems a stretch, but I am willing to try anything. Wells (and lakes) are drying up.  Water trucks are everywhere. Our yard looks like this:

Hey Kids, Let's Play in the Grass!

Wait….make that the whole state of Texas looks like my yard.  In fact, just drive down any highway.  You will see remnants of grass fires everywhere.  It’s crazy.

As pathetic as it is, on 08/10/2011, I opened the Ziploc and hurled its contents into my yard.  I think it may have evaporated prior to hitting the ground.  Hopefully, the rain gods will see my offering and grant relief.

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