The Onslaught Continues

You may want to consider that now is the best time to buy a nice digital SLR camera. With every iteration, smart phones have better cameras than their predecessors. At some point soon, the idea of taking better pictures than the smart phone can deliver will never materialize…and why should it? With just a few clicks you can snap a nice picture and upload it to social media for all to see. Digital SLR cameras? Not so easy.

As adoption of high end phone cameras progresses, demand for entry to mid-grade SLRs will decrease. A few manufacturers will stop making this level of camera all together. Less supply results in higher prices. This cycle will eventually devour this market completely, leaving the professional (expensive) camera models only.

Perhaps during this holiday season, it is time to enjoy the best and final year for the SLR, before:

Digital Cameras

UPDATE – 20111119 – Annie Leibovitz was on NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams asked here what kind of camera people should buy. Her answer? An iPhone! The SLR is dead for sure.

The video is here.

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