This American Life, Shenzen, and Foxconn

One of my favorite programs in media is This American Life. This past Sunday was episode 454, Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory. It is really worth the listen. If you own an Apple product, beware that there are hard realities associated with its manufacture. It is my guess that most people that love Apple will not be able to listen to the first act in its entirety.

I found it interesting that this is the only This American Life program that spent the second act fact-checking the first act. Obviously, this story has stuck a chord, not only with the listener, but also with the producer.

Should any of us be surprised? Will it play in your decision to buy another Apple product? My guess is no. What else is there? For one thing, all high end electronics are made in Shenzen, not just Apple’s.

I can’t help but think this will eventually have repercussions.