Again, now that Apple is in the door, Calendaring is a must. Because Apple’s iCal integrates so well with other applications on MacOS, I’ll need a server that is iCal and Mozilla Sunbird compatible. It appears this is DaviCal

Media Players and License Agreements

Enjoy watching multimedia on your computer? So do the purveyors of media players. This post will take an in depth look at the iTunes and Windows Media Player. Hold on, because this is truly frightening.

Intellectual Property Tax

In spending time with the Commodore 64 Emulator, it is becoming clear that millions of work hours are being lost every day. There are vast repositories of C64 software available on the Internet, either protected by Copyright, the public domain software (with no permissible license attached). Most of these companies are bankrupt or merged, leaving these old assets orphaned. Is there nothing to be done? Sadly, for the C64 this is the case. But moving forward there may be an option. Rather than extend the copyright term to infinity less one day, our cash starved government could levy a tax on the value of existing “Intellectual Property.” Most people have to pay taxes on existing property, so why does the intellectual version get a pass? This would encourage entities to make money off their properties,
and when it becomes too costly to maintain the tax, release the rights and be done with it.

Microsoft Office for MacOSX Requires Root Privileges?

Interestingly, when installing the 2011 version of Microsoft Office on the Macintosh, it asks for the administrative password.  On a Unix system, the only reason for this is to create a service that listens on a port less than 1024.